Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ode to my Mistakes

My Dad once said "it's ok to make mistakes.. you're young.. you will learn and never repeat them again". 28 years old today and I still make mistakes, some new and some not so new but every time I make one I tell myself first mistake is a mistake, second time and same mistake, that's stupidity. So why do I repeat them again ? Even when I know that they will lead nowhere except where they led the last time. Just like bad news never gets better with time, a mistake doesn't cease to be one after repeating it even a zillion times.
So in my sincere attempt to avoid repeating any old mistake I shall make a conscious effort to change my pattern of life. Well not completely, but some aspects of it. Try and make a change for the better. Handle situations differently and open doors to a new set of mistakes cause no matter what the only people who never make mistakes are the ones who never do anything.


In Quest said...

Somehow I feel we are conditioned to make the same mistakes again and if its almost in our DNA.But realizing it and taking a conscious decision not to is like Darwin's theory of evolution...I like your line of thought..

CD said...

Haha... I would hate to blame my dad for my mistakes .... He is the only person I can always fall back on for some funny sarcastic advice..... My idol!!!!