Monday, 27 October 2008

Food.. I miss you !!!

For somebody who missed her meal once in 4 years in college I think it's blasphemous that I skip my lunch everytime I have to give a presentation post lunch. Infact I even postpone/miss my lunch till after I have my meeting with my advisor every week. And also when I have an exam. 
Being a PhD student I think I will be giving presentation and talk on an average 3 times every semester, 2 exams on an average every semester and will have atleast 28 meetings with my advisor during a semester. So on an average I miss my lunch 33 times a semester and assuming I graduate in 4 years that is 33*2*4=264 skipped lunches. The figures are overwhelming to say the least inspite of the fact that I have kept it very conservative. I can't imagine the "food-centric" me can survive that many days without food. 
I guess this is the price I have to pay as a Graduate student. 

Friday, 24 October 2008


I choose to call this post "Happy" because for the past 2 months that has been my state of mind. A lot has changed in 2 months and then again nothing really has. I guess it's all in the mind. I finally made peace with myself. I am now happy with what I get and I no longer pine for what I cannot get. Sometimes it's wiser being happy with what you have right now then planning for future happiness which, well, never really comes around. A few things which has made me happy in the last 2 months.
-My Chicago Trip
-Ash's NY Trip
-My new house
-My studies
-My Research(partially, I would say, will be complete when I finally get my PhD)
-My Thanksgiving plans
-My Christmas plans
-My busy weekends
-My new easy chair
-My new Reader
-The books in my school library

Ok, this list is getting way to long. But I guess it doesn't hurt.  A few things ofcourse were not perfect. But then I survived it all.