Sunday, 24 February 2008

New York

I knew I would love New York City even before I came here and I am so glad to say I actually do love this city. Barring the fact that I don't see myself making a career here I think this city is perfect for someone like me. Firstly it encourages people to walk which I absolutely love. I can actually survive here without ever buying myself a car which I don't really want to. I love driving but I hate the pain which comes along with a car, insurance, maintenance and ofcourse parking. Secondly this city never sleeps. I am not a party animal but being a night owl I find it reassuring to think I am in a city which never sleeps. I also like the fact that this city has something to offer for every person. The biggest museums, libraries, parks, restaurants, pubs and eating joints. everone can find their small world here. And most importantly it is a city which has people from every corner of the globe. You see so many people here that I believe I will never miss home. People of all color caste creed and nationality flock here making New York a truly cosmopolitan city. It is a a city of migrants and will always remain so. People who came here in search of a better life. The best place to see the myriad people of this city I believe is on the city subways. Nothing is more fascinating than a ride here. It is a spectacle in itself. A window into the fast paced life of New York city. I am glad I can spend a few years of my life close to this city. After all the future is unpredictable.

Sunday, 3 February 2008


Six years ago I had a dream. A dream which made me immensely happy and also brought tears to my eyes but which I knew could never be real. I kept that to myelf, never uttered a word about that to anyone. I feared that the beauty of the dream would be marred if I spoke about it. Almost like it was a special gift for me. I guarded it jealously fearing every second that I would lose it. And then one day I came close to realizing it. I was so close but so unaware. It took me another 1 year to realise what I had lost. I had lost to hold on to something which I should have. I had failed to give myself a chance. And this time around the chance was lost forever.