Monday, 27 February 2012

Our Song

I heard the song again today and it brought back so many pleasant memories from a long time ago. For a while it brought you back into my life, like you had never left. We were friends again for a short while and nothing had changed. Life had not intervened, priorities had not changed and we were just as important to each other. It was magical, well maybe not magical but comforting, like going back to your childhood home, a place where you know everything, how every crack on the wall has a story behind it, how every book is lined on the shelves like you had left them, how the morning sunlight creeps into the room at the same angle every morning and how you position yourself in bed every day to avoid the light. Yes, it was home and I was back with you. It was a good feeling and then the music ended and it was back to reality. I miss you my friend.