Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I love traveling and flying has always been the highpoint of my trips because I love airports. I don't know how it happens when most people dread going to airport I actually look forward to it. Unless I have a early morning flight I always reach the airport 4 to 5 hours before my flight and just enjoy the time I have at hand. I love the hustle bustle, the rush, the pace, the energy in the place. In a strange way it's inspiring. I even love the over priced food in the airport lounge. Most people say that the option for food is limited in airports. I just call it different and not limited, I mean who the hell eats a 7 course meal everyday. Or maybe it's simply because I am not picky about my food. Whatever be the reason I love the whole experience. Sometimes I wish I had a job which would involve a lot of traveling, but then again such jobs generally involve a lot of interaction with people which I don't think I could pull off. Now with Thanksgiving over I don't see myself traveling anywhere anytime soon. I don't need a break or a vacation but I would love to go to the airport. Maybe, just maybe I will get a chance to go pick someone from the airport. That is not so bad either.

Sunday, 28 November 2010


As time passes by we meet more people, have more experiences and hopefully become a better person. But what happens when people become damaged goods. The experiences somehow make them more pathetic, they think they want to move on but they only cling to the past more. Every memory from their past comes back to haunt them and the only thing they want from their future is a chance to recreate their past. How do I deal with these damaged goods ?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The ever evolving story

I have a mind which never rests, it's always thinking, evaluating, contemplating or sometimes simply brooding. I think of things which happen to me, which never happened to me and even ones which will never happen. When I string them altogether I see a story forming and each day I tell myself that I need to put that story on paper. But sometimes I don't see the end of my story, sometimes I feel too possessive to share it and sometimes I am just plain lazy to type it out. Now I want to write it, maybe share just a little of what lies within my mind with the world. I have a plan in my mind and I hope I go through with it. If nothing at all I am hoping to post a small story on my blog to begin with. Ok, so here it is, my promise in black and white. i don't think I will back out now.

What's on my Mind- Food

I am a late sleeper and most nights when I stay awake late I crave for a bunch of stuff but I never really end up eating any of it because my the next morning I completely forget about it. So just to keep a record of everything on my mind I decided to list everything on my mind here. These are a bunch of food items on my mind for the past few weeks

1. Chicken Wings
2. Pasta with alfredo sauce
3. Crispy bacon
4. A fat cheesy burger with fries
5. Kadi with rice (Punjabi style)
6. Bhapa ilish (Bengali style)
7. Prawn curry (My mom's style)
8. Home made paneer curry (My Mom's style)
9. Suji halwa (My style !!.. the one thing I make fairly well)
10. Idli with Sambhar

Every night I think when I wake up I shall make/get my hands on one of them. I never manage to, I end up eating a pepperoni sausage pizza(which I have to admit, I love) until night falls again. This weekend I intend to finish at least 2 items on my list.