Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I love traveling and flying has always been the highpoint of my trips because I love airports. I don't know how it happens when most people dread going to airport I actually look forward to it. Unless I have a early morning flight I always reach the airport 4 to 5 hours before my flight and just enjoy the time I have at hand. I love the hustle bustle, the rush, the pace, the energy in the place. In a strange way it's inspiring. I even love the over priced food in the airport lounge. Most people say that the option for food is limited in airports. I just call it different and not limited, I mean who the hell eats a 7 course meal everyday. Or maybe it's simply because I am not picky about my food. Whatever be the reason I love the whole experience. Sometimes I wish I had a job which would involve a lot of traveling, but then again such jobs generally involve a lot of interaction with people which I don't think I could pull off. Now with Thanksgiving over I don't see myself traveling anywhere anytime soon. I don't need a break or a vacation but I would love to go to the airport. Maybe, just maybe I will get a chance to go pick someone from the airport. That is not so bad either.


Tori said...

hah! It's great to hear someone else loves airports too. Must admit that my airport love is dwindling though (I aircommute a lot more than i used to,most recently with the last leg of my flight getting delayed for two days! ..luckly there were some acquaintances from school on the flight and we just rentalcar-ed..apparently I also like late night roadtrips with people I don't really know as well.) nice blog!

CD said...

Thanks Tori ... it's great to discover new readers on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

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