Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The ever evolving story

I have a mind which never rests, it's always thinking, evaluating, contemplating or sometimes simply brooding. I think of things which happen to me, which never happened to me and even ones which will never happen. When I string them altogether I see a story forming and each day I tell myself that I need to put that story on paper. But sometimes I don't see the end of my story, sometimes I feel too possessive to share it and sometimes I am just plain lazy to type it out. Now I want to write it, maybe share just a little of what lies within my mind with the world. I have a plan in my mind and I hope I go through with it. If nothing at all I am hoping to post a small story on my blog to begin with. Ok, so here it is, my promise in black and white. i don't think I will back out now.


paulsifer42 said...

Telling your story really does take a lot of courage. It's exposing our innermost selves to people we know and people we don't all at the same time, in hopes that we'll still be accepted. Those risks are balanced with an amazing feeling of liberation. I say share your story. The rewards greatly outway the risks.

Satish said...

dont black out the stories.. cos the more you bring out the colors in your life, the better you look ;)