Thursday, 25 September 2008


After a long long time I actually spent 3 months at home with my parents, actually after 8 years. In the interim period I probably spent 10 days at a stretch with my parents. This time helped me appreciate my Dad's influence in my life all over again. 
It's strange how after being away from each other so long we still connect so well. I spent so many nights chatting with him over a cup of coffee (much to my mother's disapproval). We talked about everything under the sun from politics to psychology. And it's amazing how I feel I am talking to someone who is just an older version of me. We think alike except once in a while when we talk about West Bengal politics. I guess that's the only point we don't see eye to eye. But even disagreeing with him has it's advantages. I see a lot more of the other side of the story which I wouldn't otherwise. More than anything else I believe these conversations helped me rebond with my Dad. His distaste for telphone conversations made those moments all the more special for me. 
Now that I am back in US I miss those conversations. These are the times I wish I was back home or I wish my parents were here with me. I don't think even for a second that they would move in with me forever here but I hope some day they come and live with me for a while. Till then I will miss him and our lenghty conversations every time I pick up a cup of coffee.