Sunday, 30 May 2010

History Repeats Itself

Many years ago I made a mistake, a really stupid one indeed and it took me like forever to recover from it and even realize that it was a mistake. Today I see myself on the verge of repeating it, I want to stop and correct myself. It's not only stupid but counter productive, I don't want to lose the good things I have in my life nor do I want to regret this mistake a few years down the lane. Maybe history is repeating itself but I want it to be a tad different. Different enough so that I realize my mistake and recover sooner.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Anderson Cooper

I was recently reading an article on CNN about Anderson Cooper's new project on racism where he studied kids across America and how they react to different skin colors. The video clip that I watched showed how a white kid attributes all good qualities to a picture of a girl with lighter skin and all bad qualities with the picture of the kid with darker skin. What set me thinking was the fact that the kid's face was not blurred out as is generally done with any controversial interview or news item. It is literally shocking that this girl will have to grow up with the stigma of being a racist when she probably doesn't even know how to spell it. I mean is it fair ? After all don't we all learn good manners, morals, values as we grow up, in schools and at home. Isn't being racially tolerant something we learn as we grow and not something we have in us from birth. Maybe the kid could have or should have been taught earlier but wasn't protecting her identity important? Or maybe airing a sensational news program which would definitely touch a nerve is more beneficial. At times like this I wonder if the freedom of the press is justified.

Monday, 24 May 2010

The Last Holiday

I am back from my last holiday. I call it last since I don't intend or want to go on another one for a long long time now, not till I graduate. It was something I had been meaning to do for a sometime and I finally came around to doing it. I met a very good friend after a really long time and now I shall sit back and finish my work. I just realized vacations don't work well for me. At least not right now, I have a funny feeling at the pit of my stomach which I can't get rid off and vacations make it worse. I love the time I get with friends, family and the sight seeing and everything associated with a holiday but the guilt increases three fold. I think I am not doing good enough and watching people work frantically while I waste time is horrible. I want to graduate fast and get a real job and if that means I have to kill myself for it so be it. Our destinies are different and I have to do what I am destined to do.