Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What's on my Mind- Food

I am a late sleeper and most nights when I stay awake late I crave for a bunch of stuff but I never really end up eating any of it because my the next morning I completely forget about it. So just to keep a record of everything on my mind I decided to list everything on my mind here. These are a bunch of food items on my mind for the past few weeks

1. Chicken Wings
2. Pasta with alfredo sauce
3. Crispy bacon
4. A fat cheesy burger with fries
5. Kadi with rice (Punjabi style)
6. Bhapa ilish (Bengali style)
7. Prawn curry (My mom's style)
8. Home made paneer curry (My Mom's style)
9. Suji halwa (My style !!.. the one thing I make fairly well)
10. Idli with Sambhar

Every night I think when I wake up I shall make/get my hands on one of them. I never manage to, I end up eating a pepperoni sausage pizza(which I have to admit, I love) until night falls again. This weekend I intend to finish at least 2 items on my list.