Friday, 2 October 2009

A Summer to Cherish

A month after I came back from California, I realise that I need to pen down my experience of the 3 months stay there. Without a doubt it was the best summer I have had in a long long time and the best period of my stay in US. I spent 3 months building games, just like I had always always wanted to. I spent weekdays in office and weekends exploring San Francisco. It was just perfect. All I want now is to get done with my studies, go back to the west coast and get the dream job I always wanted. I am hoping in 2 years time I will be there. Here's to a promise I am making to myself after all the only promise you stick to are the ones you make to yourself.


In Quest said...
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In Quest said...

At the cost of sounding gay:)(clarification: which I am not), I love you.
You are a typical case of just not being whatever meets the eye.

CD said...

I just hope whatever meets the eye isn't so bad either :P

In Quest said...

You are awesome wen the eye meets you but also your awesome + amazing in writing.
I sound so sucking upto u now :).
But m so happy to find a friend in nj with whom i can relate to.Trust me you (I think u already know)how hard it is ! :D