Tuesday, 27 October 2009

An Equal Music - A Review

During my visit to Boston I decided to go to the Harvard bookstore. I wasn't looking for any book in particularly when I went there, just an opportunity to see a famous landmark store. So while in the store I just happened to pick up Vikram Seth's "An Equal Music". On a whim I bought it. I had never read any of his books, though I did get my hands on "A Suitable Boy" once but never got the chance to read it. So without much expectation I started reading it and couldn't stop till I actually finished it.
"An Equal Music" is the story of Michael a violinist and Julia a pianist who run into each other after 10 years of parting ways. The story progresses with a whirlwind romance between the two even though Julia is married and explores their deep love for music and for each other which nothing can change. Though essentially a love story it explores more than love between two human beings, it touches on their love for music, the music which brought them together and their undying commitment to live for music.
What I found remarkable about the book was the narration and the portrayal of the characters, the emotions and the turmoil they go through. The characters are depicted extremely well and almost felt real. Their thoughts, feelings confusions and every emotion was so real. Even London felt so real. I could almost imagine myself walking the streets of London and riding the buses there. After a long time I read a book which was not completely dark and which I could relate to and yes fall in love with. At certain points the book did remind me of "Of Human Bondage" another one of my all time favorite books. Ofcourse there was nothing similar about the two books except that they evoked the same reaction in me.
My trip to Boston wasn't a great trip with all the rain and wind in Boston and the crazy feeling of being intimidated by scholars which I felt constantly but I guess I can finally say it was worth it. I have the book proudly sitting on my book shelf and I am glad I bought it after all.

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