Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My Mirror Image

I see myself in you. You are who I would have become if I hadn't changed my life when I got the opportunity. You represent everything that I could have been. My whims my flaws, my likes my dislikes and my eccentricities are all part of your character. The only thing which is missing is my dream and my passion. And the only thing I am missing is your luck. You dreamed of a a good life and got it served on a golden platter. I dreamed of a good life and have been fighting odds for years to get even close to it.
Every time I see you for a fleeting moment I wish I hadn't taken the more difficult road. If only I had stuck to the beaten track I might have led the good life that you are leading today. I like you and hate you at the very same instance. You bring out the worst in me yet I like your company. You make me feel like a failure but I still hope we keep running into each other. You bring me in touch with my baser instincts and I hate you for it but I can be myself with you without a thought and I like you for that.
But I need to take stock of the situation now and move on. Being me is not easy. I can deal with only one me at any point of time and I will have to let go off you now.