Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The New House

A lot has been happening in my life of late, some good and ouch.. and some not so good. Yet I am pretty happy and I believe it's cause I have this awesome new house which we moved into two months back. A list of things which makes my house incredible.

1. I have the biggest room ever, infact so big I find it a pain to walk across to my wardrobe put my clothes in. Maybe it is very big or I am too lazy :P. But yes, now I have room to put my sleeping bag when I have guests over and still walk around comfortably.
2. I have a HUGE wardrobe which fits all my clothes, laundry bag and my junk. It's so huge that it tempts me to buy new clothes. Good incentive, since nothing can be more therapeutic than shopping.
3. I have a laundry in the house. That means I don't waste my weekends doing laundry. I can even do my laundry when I am sleeping. Awesome !!!
4. I have a dishwasher. God bless your soul, whoever invented it. Now I don't end my long day cleaning dirty dishes on the sink.
5. Central heating in the house, perfect. Now I don't have to fret in the heat and shiver in the cold and fiddle with ACs and heaters anymore. Good riddance !!
6. My living room has an awesome view of Empire State Building. Not the best, but good enough to make me happy. I am beginning to learn which lights are turned on different days of the week. And yes, I did see the yellow and red lights which was dedicated to China.
7. With so much space in the living/dining room I get a chance to have my meals with my roomies, feels like home.
8. A bigger house, bigger kitchen means more parties !!! And I am loving it.

If only I did believe in Vastu I would say that the Vastu of the house was perfect. But I guess I am just plain lucky. How often do I get a chance to say that :D

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Nick said...

looks like a visit is warranted now!