Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Trapped in My Mind

A thousand thoughts which will never see the light of day lie trapped in my mind. Some fear, some worry, some anxiety, some ideas, some whims and some nameless thoughts. Without a doubt I am one of those people who loves to spill her guts out when something is on her mind to a close friend but how do I talk about things which I can never put into words, how can I tell anyone when no one has ever felt or will ever feel what I do. Sometimes in my attempt to organize my life I try and organize my thoughts but like a pyramid of cards they come crashing down even before I can complete organizing them.
Sometimes I wish I could rattle away to someone what is pent up within me. But then like someone recently stated we all grow up so selfish that caring for anyone beyond ourself is not part of our true self. It takes an extra super human effort to achieve that and just as I am unable to do it no one will ever be able to do that for me. Here's hoping one day I manage to build that pyramid and clean the mess in my mind.

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