Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Apologies !!!!!!

When was the last time you apologised to anyone ..... ??? When was the last time you apologised to somebody even though you knew you were not wrong .... ??? I did recently and I am feeling like shit because of that. Whoever said apologizing clears the air. I hate to think I had to eat humble pie when I was NOT wrong.
So what made me do it ?? Not love for the person, not respect but simply fear that my career would be jeopardized if I didn't. After all I have come this far fighting a lot of odds and I would hate to end it all one fine day because of somebody's whim. I hope I reach a level when I will be so firmly placed in my life that no one and nothing can uproot my career. Till that day I will just have to plaster a smile on my face and keep my ego on a leash.


50scent said...

Its just another survival technique. Eat it, Shit out and move on. You have visited the govt establishments(remember those kol experiences) you know it all

Nick said...

(sh)it happens. but i guess what is most important is to understand that you have taken a said step for reason A. And ensure that you build yourself so that A never becomes a reason again for you to bow down before Satan. The next time could be for Reason B :P
And when you reach Reason Z, tension nai lene ka! MS Excel goes on with AA, AB, AC...
Chilax! :)