Thursday, 4 October 2007

New Life !!

A new life.. a new city.. a new country and lots to look forward to. After one and a half months in US I have to admit I love this country. It isn’t exactly what I had expected but then my expectations have always been very high. Yet it inspires me to strive harder and move towards my goal. After my first visit to New York a friend asked me “Did you get the feel that Manhattan is the place where you belong ??” My reply was “ No.. I didn’t get that feel but I did know this is where I WANT to belong someday. A part of the group of people who make the world economy and businesses run.” . the biggest and most dynamic city in the world, New York epitomizes everything that I had thought about America.


Satish said...

Interesting thought.. ambitious and scary at the same time! I dont know where (if ever) I will feel that sense of belonging! The nomadic life looks far more trustworthy from where I stand today..

Banhi said...

Nicely put. And very ambitious :)
Wish you all the very best !