Thursday, 4 October 2007

My Life as a student

I am a student again. After 3 years of working as a professional in the IT industry I am back in school. When I give it a thought I love the fact that I worked for 3 years before I returned to studies but just once in a while I don’t. I love the fact that I have a lot of knowledge about the industry and how it functions, I know what it means to be a professional and I love the fact that being older than most students here I realize I am running short of time and time is precious, so I try and never waste time. What I don’t like is living life on a shoe string budget. That sucks !!! I don’t like that being so much elder to students here I cannot find many like minded people to befriend. I always end up feeling so ….. OLD. And lastly I miss getting drunk till the wee hours in the morning with a bunch of friends on a Friday night.


Satish said...

Live life today knowing that tomorrow you will cherish what you saw in your yesterday and life will become easier.. even with that miserable shoestring budget!

Banhi said...

Ah! Those Fridays...miss them..