Monday, 13 December 2010

My attempt to post my first story

After gathering a lot of courage I finally posted a short story I wrote a few months back on my blog and within a few minutes I deleted it. My story like any other writer's, is inspired by my own life, the characters are based on people I have met and interacted with. The story was entirely fiction, so were the characters but somewhere I did draw inspiration from people I knew. After reading the story which I posted I wondered if I was jeopardizing my relationship with my friends and realized it's probably not worth it. I am no Ayn Rand, my stories will not change the world nor inspire generations to come. My stories are like short conversations you have with old friends when you meet them for coffee after a long time. It leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling later but somehow you never really recall the exact content of the conversation. All you remember was that it was an evening well spent.


paulsifer42 said...

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little sad you didn't keep it up, but I understand what you're saying. Why ruin the relationships that create such great characters for your writing? Write another one that's for the world, I'd be interested.

CD said...

Hopefully next one will not be so intertwined with my life.

paulsifer42 said...