Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Lesson

Sometimes we learn lessons from the strangest places. Absurd as it may sound I learnt some valuable lessons from a TV show. What drew me to this was the name of the show, it had an uncanny resemblance to the name of my blog, and lo behold the protagonist felt a lot like me. Her mind was a lot like mine, similar thoughts and frustrations, her friends were like mine, totally awesome and life long types. It was me at a lot of levels and not me at some levels too.
The amazing thing about this series was it started on a low and ended on a similar note for the protagonist, however it wasn't a sad ending. The growth of the character shows the triumph of the human spirit and the imperfections in all our lives. Life never was and never will be what we thought it would. Sometimes it disappoints us but at times it surprises us pleasantly. In all the rambling I seem to be forgetting that I should mention what lesson I learnt. Unfortunately there isn't one which I could summarize in a sentence. The whole series just felt right. It talked about things which in retrospect we might find obvious. All I can say is if we all look back and see ourself as we were 5 or 10 years back we realize we were all different. For most part we end up saying we have grown as a person without being able to specifically put a finger on a certain moment in our life which changed us radically. We just grow to be better(hopefully, at least we think so) person gradually. This somehow felt like that. As was mentioned somewhere "growing up is not having the courage to be what everyone wants you to be but having the courage to discover who you are and finding the courage to be yourself".

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