Monday, 5 April 2010

Dose of Happiness

Clichéd though, its probably true that our happiness is in our mind. I am still the same person I was a few weeks back or a few months back but something just clicked recently and I feel happy. It's not something that anybody else contributed to, it was just a switch in my mind which turned on. It feels good and it makes me happy, more like ecstatic. Something which probably happens once in a blue moon.
I shall bask in this happiness for a few days or maybe a week or so and then slowly let go. It only makes sense, after all the only direction you can go when you are at the peak is downhill and that I am not ready for. I keep telling myself that when you hit rock bottom you can only bounce up so I guess that logic holds when I am at the top. But I have to admit it's a good feeling. Right now I need to focus on what I know will make my happiness last a little longer and that is definitely not something which will happen without my contribution nor is it just in my mind. I shall let this dose of happiness inspire me before it finally fades away.

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Satish said...

The ephemeral states of your mind are sure worthy of a write up.. better still a movie.. but the "caricaturistt" in me sees your jumping up and sliding down acts as sheer acts of mirth for the onlooker! Long live the art of cartooning!