Thursday, 18 February 2010

Study Group

I had my first study group meeting today, ironical, since this is the last class I shall ever attend in my life and I have a study group for the first time. I didn't really want to go but decided not to be the spoilt sport. After an hour our study group was at the bowling alley... yes!!! ....I like this study group :). Life is full of surprises ... and I think I like it.


Sanketa said...

i don't even know if a study group works for studies:)
here IIMs gives us study groups..but we end up discussing our first crushes:)first time we cooked food etc;)

CD said...

neither did I till last week .... :D guess that's because I am not too much of a people person.... new people frighten me .... I am comfortable with my solitude... until some prof comes along and pushes us to form groups. :D