Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Snowed In .. !!

Three years back I had never seen snow and yet I loved it. I associated it with happiness, holidays and fairy tales. Everything from Narnia to grumpy old Scrooge was associated with snow and the magic was undeniable. The idea of building a snow man, having snow ball fights and riding sleds was all part of a beautiful parallel world where I was absent. Unfortunately now the snow is here but the magic is absent. I have not built a single snow man ever, never even got into now ball fights or rode sleds. My fascination with snow has been replaced by more practical questions like how will I get to school in the snow, do I have enough supplies to last me a few days if I can't go buy grocery, will I have to clean the snow from the sidewalk when I wake up in the morning.
Yet, somewhere I have to admit that I cant help but smile when I see the first snow of the season. Nothing is as beautiful as waking up one morning and seeing the world around you all white and pristine. Maybe the magic still lingers, somewhere.

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Sanketa said...

I make plans, dream little dreams, dream bigger ones.

Think of how I’ll be when I finally grow up.. Of all the things I want to do, places I want to see, people I want to be.

But life? Life doesn’t care so much about the five year plans and long-term goals.

Life is chilly Thursday evenings spent watching a week’s worth of House episodes.

Life is dirty dishes piling up in a tiny kitchen and finding one purple-mauve sock and never figuring out where the other one went.

Hopefully you will make your snowman someday:)