Friday, 18 January 2008

Miss Them ...

6 months in US has been good. Not perfectly smooth but not bad either. However I do miss a few things about India and Bangalore. Missing my sister's wedding will be one of my biggest regret ever but I miss some 'things' about Bangalore. A small list of the few things I miss.
  1. Legend of the Rock
  2. TGIF
  3. Purple Haze
  4. Tavern
  5. Guzzlers Inn
  6. Pecos
  7. 13th Floor
  8. Geoffrey's
  9. Ruby Tuesday
  10. Juke Box


Banhi said...

Don't all the "things" bear an uncanny similarity ?!! ;-)

CD said...

ah... now that you mention it I am beginning to see a pattern ..:D

Anonymous said...

I can imagine it must be hard to gulp, drink your sorrows.. n move on forgetting the past ;)

@purV said...

Just happened to stumble on this blog.. and well.. u've said it all here.. oh haze..