Thursday, 14 May 2015

Too Much Love

Maya was confused.  Was it even possible to love someone too much ? She had been with Saul for a handful of years but this was the happiest she had ever been. Life was good and everything felt right and perfect. Everything was good for her.
She never understood the personal storms he went through, he was only at the beginning of his adult life. He had different demons to fight, demons she knew nothing about, demons she would never learn anything about. She wished him well, she wished she could undo all his pain but in her heart of hearts she knew she couldn't change a thing. She had been down that road just like everyone his age. Of course, she knew and she understood, but she couldn't heal him. It was his battle, his trial by ordeal. All she could do was hold her breath and hope no matter what choice he made she still emerged a winner. 

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