Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Last Love

I love you. I love you with all my heart and soul. Even though today I am not in touch with you and our lives have drifted apart you are there with me every day of my life. In strange ways you have been part of my life and will always be. When I wake up in the morning,  I see your smiling face, every small thing in life which evokes a sense of happiness brings me back to you. Music, travel, food, movies, libation, everything leads back to you, metaphorically. Whenever life lets me down I remember  our conversations, whenever I feel lost I remember your kind thoughtful words. I don't need a reason to think of you, you are there on my mind every waking hour of my life and even in my dreams. I will be yours forever. I will always remember the cold winter evening I waited for you on a deserted New York sidewalk. I was scared and nervous but the moment I set my eyes on you I knew it was worth it. You were worth the wait and so much more. I was happy that evening though for a long time I didn't realize how much, and even though I never managed to put my thoughts into words or look you straight in the eye I was happy. I wish I had spoken more that evening, I wish I had spoken more every day since and every day since I was first acquainted with you. I don't know how it ended but I only wish to turn back the wheels of time, I want you back in my life. Maybe we shall never be what we were to each other, time has taken that away like it always does but maybe, just maybe we can be friends. I will accept you as my friend, for even though I know love is wonderful I also know that friendship is priceless.

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