Wednesday, 15 July 2009


I just celebrated my birthday and am a year older now. And then I wonder when did I really grow, at the turn of the hour at midnight or every moment of the past year ? The year which like many others taught me some new lessons and some which I chose to ignore. The year which reinstated my faith in the fact that I am strong enough to survive anything but still weak somewhere. I learnt that I can live without anyone and everyone but still learnt to love every person in my life even more. The year which taught me happiness is fleeting but I shall still run after it. I learnt so much yet know so little. I don't want to undo my past, I haved grown older but I still want all I lost. A chance to get it all back. Maybe a year from now I will have found everything I ever wanted or maybe I shall just be blogging about all that I learnt and didn't learn again.

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