Saturday, 10 May 2008

Old Tale !!!!

I suddenly remembered a story I had read in "Amar Chitra Katha" as a kid. Decided I should share it with everyone.
"There was once a very selfish, selfcentred and miserly king in a far of land. One day while walking on the bank of a river with his ministers he slipped and fell into the river. All the ministers and bodyguards jumped to help him screaming "O Master !! Give us your hand". However the king kept beating frantically in the water but was not taking any help. Just then the wisest of the minister walked to the river bank and said "O Master !! Take my hand". The king immediately grabbed his hand and reached the safety of the shore. The king had after all never learnt to give anything, only take. "
Sometimes old tales make so much sense.

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Sriparna Roy said...

guess I knw who's the inspiration fr this post...;)...cldn't agree more...