Sunday, 13 April 2008

The Democrats have lost it

In a fight for the Oval Office the Democrats have already lost the elections, in my opinion. As of today when the Democrats still don't have a clear contender for the White House, the contest between Clinton and Obama is becoming more bitter each passing day. With a huge amount of mud slinging happening each day, the Clinton and Obama camp in a bid to out do each other are only managing to mar the image of the Democrats. What fails to be noticed by them is that eventually when one will emerge as the winner the other will not be left with the option to gracefully accept the loss and back the new candidate. As in the case of the Republicans after John McCain emerged as a winner the other candidates declared their complete backing for the new Republican candidate. It would only be a sham if either Clinton or Obama declare their support for the other after losing this leg of the elections. The credibility of the Democrats would be under the scanner with such a turn of events. In fact no matter who wins this round John McCain and the Republicans will probably have the last laugh.

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