Thursday, 28 June 2007

American Visa

After a month of tension, confusion and apprehension I finally got my visa. Yes, it’s all done and my days in Bangalore are coming to an end. I had heard that getting a visa was enough to make you crazy but I didn’t know you had to bear the brunt of heat, hunger and humidity before we would be allowed into the sanctum sanctorum of the Consulate. After standing for 3 hours in the sweltering Chennai heat I along with a few hundred people stepped into the inner chamber of the consulate where the actual visa interview would take place. After another hour of waiting I managed to reach the counter where my future would be decided. And like all other plans I have ever made this too came with a backup. If it didn’t work I would have gone to Kolkata and looked for a job there. However it didn’t come to that. After a smile, a nod and just 2 questions I got my visa. It was as simple as that. I didn’t even need to take out papers from my file pertaining to the finances which I had got from my Dad. I guess I was too strung up without a reason. But then would I have said the same if I didn’t get the visa. I guess not.


Anonymous said...

your blog makes for a wonderful read. keep writing!

Maverick said...
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satyabrata said...

got to yur page while going through profiles in orkut....a kewl read....anywayz keep up the good work

banhi said...

notun blog ? and I didn't know !!!
anyway, belated wishes for your ticket to hollywood... :-p
And all the best for your adventures there.... :)

Satish said...

The visa officer probably has read too many blogs of the sort you have written after your arrival to the land of opportunities .. and decided he/she didnt need to know about your finances in India after all!