Monday, 2 April 2007

No Post

Aaagghhh..there goes another month without a single post from my end. It’s not that I don’t like blogging….just that I lose patience when it comes to writing full-complete posts. I mean I hate writing posts which look like the last page of my notebooks. Some word, a few doodle and and some incomplete sentences of random thoughts. Ok, so I am aware that a blog is like an online diary where we can write our smallest thoughts but even my diary is always in order. Hmmm, on a more honest note it is not ALWAYS in order but at least no one will ever read it. I would love people to read a nice complete post from my end. A post with an introduction, body and conclusion. Just the way I was taught to write good compositions as part of my ICSE curriculum…but alas all I manage are a few sentences straight off the top of my head and then there is a huge confusion.
Maybe my biggest problem is that I don’t like to organize my thoughts. I think a LOT. In fact there is hardly any chance that I am not utilizing my waking hours thinking. But then I rarely think end to end on any topic. I just change my track whenever I believe I am getting too muddled. Or when I think that I might end up confusing myself further. I had actually started writing a story and I did the same with that too..I abandoned the story half way through. I still think that the story line was good but I never found the determination to complete it. And yes the first few pages of the book along with the story line were conceived under the influence of alcohol. Yes, I am at my productive best when I am drunk… fact I do a lot of work I have been postponing when I am drunk. I have cleaned my room, organised my wardrobe, and rearranged my bookshelf after a good drink. I think I am beginning to digress from the topic. But wait, what was the topic really? I think it’s my short attention span and lack of a streamlined thought process.


surbhi .. said...

lol ... hmmm .. and to think of it , was that"unorganised, half sentences" a comment on my blog .. :P ..

Banhi said...

hehehe...reminds me of a wise person who had once said - "all that you eat, goes to your brains !" ... ;-p